Essential Digital Skills for Work - Entry Level
The intent of this course is to help you to develop basic skills and knowledge needed for everyday life, work and further study and is designed for adults with little or no prior experience of using digital devices or the internet. This course leads to an Essential Digital Skills Qualification at Entry Level.
You will learn about using devices and handling information, creating and editing, communicating, transacting and being safe and responsible online.
B1: £0.00 (In London Resident)
B2: £0.00 (London Concessionary)
B3: £0.00 (Concessionary)
B4: £0.00 (Out of London Resident)
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At the end of this course you should be able to:
- Use devices to handle information and identify and solve simple technical problems
- Create and edit documents and digital media
- Communicate and share content with others using a range of methods and identify activities that will leave a digital footprint
- Complete and submit forms for online transactions and buy items or services online
- Identify and use simple techniques to maintain privacy, data and wellbeing.
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Your tutor will assess your learning throughout the course through observations, question and answer, tasks and exercise. Outside of class, you will need to practise on a weekly basis in order to develop your confidence and skills.
You will record your progress through your Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and your tutor will provide you with ongoing feedback to support you.
This is a qualification course, which will be awarded upon successful completion of mandatory controlled assessments.
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Before enrolling you on this course, you will need to complete an initial assessment to ensure that this is the correct level for you.
You will need:
- Entry Level 3 English skills
If you don’t yet meet the pre-course requirements, we may recommend other courses which will support you to progress and achieve your goal.
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This course will include blended learning, so you should expect to attend some sessions online and some in a centre, you will be given further details during your first session. You will receive an induction to online learning at the beginning of your course and your tutor will work with you to develop the skills you need to successfully learn online. Additional support will also be available to you, if required. In order to take part you will need to have access to the internet and a laptop or personal computer. You will be able to book computer access in centres if you don’t have a computer and/or internet access at home or may be able to borrow a device through our Loan and Learn Scheme (subject to availability). Prosp User 14
You will need a notepad, pen, and a memory stick at a cost of approximately £5. Please do not purchase any items before the first session.
Yes. If you think you might need some additional support with your learning, please ask your tutor or the centre staff for more information about our learning support offer.
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Upon successful completion of this course you could progress onto:
-Level 1 Essential Digital Skills.
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This course is designed to improve your basic digital skills and could form part of a pathway to develop your digital skills, which can be used in everyday life, learning and work.
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We welcome views from our learners in a number of ways. You can give your views through your ILP, course evaluation forms, on-line questionnaires and our Compliments, Comments and Complaints forms which can be found in Centre offices. You may also choose to become a course representative for your class, which your tutor will discuss with the class at the start of your course.
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We want you to enjoy your learning experience and feel safe, equal and respected while you are learning with us. If you have any concerns about any of these things please report it to a member of staff.
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To apply, you will first need to attend an initial assessment session, please see our website or contact a centre for details of upcoming dates.
You will be able to pay by cash, card or cheque (made payable to London Borough of Hillingdon).
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18:15 - 21:15
15 weeks